The perfect home differs a lot from person to person and taste to taste, but few can question how potent a luxury home can feel. When you can see the quality and expensive luxury feel, it can be addicting.

What does it take to find luxury homes in Spokane? There are plenty around and many may be more in your price range than you think if you know what to look for.

Today we’ll guide you through what makes a luxury home and how you can get one for your future!

1. Location and Price

This is what many consider the markings of a luxury home. The major price tag and prime real estate are the cornerstones of a classic luxury home.

This isn’t wrong, but it isn’t the full story. Luxury can go well beyond high price tags and fancy locales. In fact, some of the more reasonable price tags can come with high-end amenities to make up for the difference!

2. Quality Inside and Out

From quality construction to quality appliance and design, the major positives of a luxury home lies in the details.

From quality siding and room layout to beautiful hardwood floors and sprawling living rooms, there is a lot you can find to enjoy. The key here is to see what little details can more than a few digits in a price tag.

A quality addition to the house may be worth some to put in, but having it already there marks the house as luxurious in quality before it began, which is something a price tag does not do.

3. Privacy and Good Areas

As with all homes, they are only as good as the neighborhoods they reside in. Luxury homes are often renovated or built new in neighborhoods that already have sterling reputations.

There is sometimes a reason for the opposite, where a push for community improvement comes from building luxury homes there.

Either way, a luxury home will be a rare sight when it isn’t either amongst other luxury homes or on a large plot to itself for plenty of privacy.

4. A Story to Tell

The most surprising of luxury property traits are the great stories that can come with them. Many luxury home buyers’ interest lie most in the home having a bit of history.

It doesn’t have to be high-end historical significance, but hearing the charming tale of previous owners or the unique circumstance of who built the house and why can add a bond that makes buying a home even sweeter.

How to Buy Luxury Homes in Spokane

Finding that perfect luxury home for yourself often comes down to patience. You need to sift through the many listings to find true luxury homes.

You need to cut past the inflated prices or surface-level quality to find real senses of tangible luxury. Whatever clicks with you is what will give you the most value for your money.

Your Dream Home Awaits

The luxury homes in Spokane are a great wonder, each with their own brand of quality and excitement. There are a great many designs to pick from and an even greater range of prices.

Eager to look more into luxury homes in Spokane and want a bit more of a helping hand in getting there? We here at R.H. Cooke are here to help! Contact us today for more information!