If you live in Spokane, WA, or know of the city, then you’re probably aware that the housing market is one of the hottest in the country. The median sales price was $265,000 in June of 2019, which is an 8% increase from 1 year ago.

Don’t have much saved up and can’t afford to buy a home just yet? Then you might be considering renting an apartment or house instead.

If you’re thinking about leasing a place in Spokane, WA, then here’s what to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for the ideal rentals.


The first thing you want to consider is the location. You might find a really nice apartment with all the amenities you desire, but it probably won’t be worth the hassle if it’s located miles away from your children’s school and/or your work.

However, this isn’t to say that the location should be the most important factor in your decision. For example, if your wife is going to stay home to watch the baby and won’t get out much, then it may be worth it to get a luxurious and roomy apartment and for you to have a slightly longer commute.

For those of you who have children, you’ll also want to move to an ideal district. For instance, Hutton and Wilson are both excellent elementary schools, so you may want to aim for a rental in those neighborhoods, or as close by as possible.

Using the map search function on your realtor’s site can be hugely beneficial, as you can get a good idea of what’s available, where vacancies are at, and how much they are.


In general, when it comes to violent crimes, Spokane is pretty safe when compared to the rest of the nation. However, there will be some neighborhoods that are better and safer than others.

For example, one of the best neighborhoods in Spokane is Manitocannon Hill. Its population density is less than 3,400 and the unemployment rate is 1.7%. Plus, it’s pretty safe, has good amenities, and is affordable.

Some other good neighborhoods to consider include North Indian Trail, Five Mileprairie, Comstock, and Rockwood.

If you’re not too sure about which other areas you want to consider, then always do some internet research yourself and/or ask your realtor for some advice. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Condition of the Property

Usually, information about when the property was constructed should be readily available. If there have been renovations done, that information should be available as well.

Make sure to check out the condition of the property, both inside and out. Does it match up to the construction and/or renovation date? For example, if they claim the property was build in the 1980s and was just renovated in 2017, then the rental you’re looking at should appear almost brand new.

Obviously, the ideal rental will either be constructed or renovated fairly recently. That way, the chances of you having problems while you’re residing in it are lower.


This factor is especially important if you have members of the household who are disabled or have difficulties getting around. By law, all “multifamily” properties need to provide ramps to make themselves handicap-accessible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easy for you to get around.

When touring the property, you need to make sure that not only the apartment or house is convenient for your family, but also the building, courtyard, and parking lot. For instance, if someone uses a wheelchair, there should be handicapped parking close to the apartment you’re looking at.


If you or your family members will be spending lots of time in the apartment or house, then you’ll want to ensure they have good amenities for a better quality of life.

Inside your apartment or home, you might want to look for updated appliances, USB charging ports put in convenient places, beamed ceilings, and upscale countertops. You’ll want to check that everything in the kitchen and bathroom is in working condition and not outdated.

Inside the complex, some good amenities to have are laundry and dryer (either on-site or in your property), pool, and even concierge. Some complexes may also have clubhouses where you can host parties at.

If you own a car or two, you’ll also want to look for a place that has a parking garage. While you can always park outside, you may not want to risk vandalism or theft, so it’s best if you can park your vehicles in a gated and/or protected area.

When you look at the surrounding areas, you’ll want amazing amenities there as well. Depending on your household and your hobbies/interests, you’ll want to look for things like parks, gyms, restaurants, bars, and public transportation hubs.

Remember: you’re not just looking at the property itself. You want to double-check that you and your family will feel nice and comfortable in your surroundings, and this includes the amenities we listed above.


There’s no use looking at a rental property if you can’t afford it. However, you shouldn’t discount an apartment or house just because it’s a little out of your budget.

Many rental agencies will run specials like your first month’s rent free or a deposit waiver. Often, they’ll also give you a discount if you sign on for at least 12 months.

If you like a property after you’ve toured it and find the price to be a bit high, always ask the agent if there are any specials they can offer you. It never hurts to ask!

Move Into the Ideal Rentals in Spokane, WA

Now that you know how to look for the ideal rentals in Spokane, WA, you’re sure to find a place that’s both within your budget and your needs. You’ll be able to live comfortably, loving the space you’re in for years to come.

Ready to start looking for your next place? Then take a look at what’s available for rent now!