The beautiful city of Spokane, WA has gorgeous homes ready and waiting for you. Before you buy a home in Spokane, though, there are many details you need to keep in mind.

Buying a home is a big deal, from financing, future plans, and location. Only one of these details can turn a perfect home into a dud and if you don’t know where to look, you can fall victim to many of them at once.

We have you covered. This guide will help you find the perfect house you are looking for right here in Spokane, WA.

The Big Items to Consider Before You Buy a Home in Spokane

Spokane has a large variety of wonderful neighborhoods and activities that can make the perfect location for your dream home.

What makes up a dream home, though? Many think it is pretty design space or lavish additions. We have instead 5 items that many miss in their quest for their dream home and get burned in the process.

1. Renovations

Fixer-uppers can be a potent project that rewards your innovative drive with a cheap house. Lots of houses can sell for pennies on the dollar when you need major renovations.

These are a major trap, as often the savings are not worth the price of renovations and the physical and emotional labor needed to get your home up to any standard of living.

Consider how much it costs to get your home fixed and then seen if it is the deal you think it is.

2. Size and Storage

Size and storage can be an easy thing to spot, but often many homebuyers settle for cramped spaces and awkward storage areas. What may look quaint can be a matter of overpricing if you can’t use it well.

The same goes for the opposite. Do you need all the space that you are paying for, or will it only be empty most of the time?

3. Fancy Additions and What They Cost

From lavish countertops, extra-large bathrooms, huge backyards, and top-of-the-line appliances, many homes come with so many fancy upgrades to entice people into buying them.

They are often a trap. Again, most of this idea centers around how well you can use these things. If you get the same amount of use from a cheaper but still quality item, then why pay the extra money?

4. The Neighborhood

Your home is not suspended in the middle of nothingness. Your neighbors and the community around you is often as important to you as what is inside your home.

Whether it be quality schools, low crime ratings, or some nice neighbors, you should find something desirable in the community. If you have trouble naming 3 items in the area you enjoy, you might need a different neighborhood.

5. The Price

All of these items revolve around the big question: does this house fit your budget. Finding that perfect balance of strong positives, minimum negatives, and a price tag that you can tolerate.

That comes from being thorough. Search every market you can, looking for warning signs like those above. Avoid heavy renovations unless you want a project and not a home. Avoid luxury items if you don’t need them.

Finding a Home in Spokane

With a bit more knowledge on your side, you can now buy a home in Spokane with confidence. There are many on the market to find, so get started on your journey to your brand new home!

Need a bit more help with making your dream home a reality? We here at R.H. Cooke are eager to guide you along. Contact us for more details!