Does the thought of buying a house scare you?

Purchasing a home, no matter what age you’re at can cause a lot of anxiety, both before and after the deal is closed. A survey of 10,000 new homeowners discovered 72% of participants claimed to have at least one grievance about their new property.

If buying a house is intimidating, purchasing a condo may be a great alternative. There are numerous benefits of condo living, including affordability, safety, and low maintenance.

If you’re on the fence about getting into your first condo, keep reading to learn all the great benefits a condo has to offer.

First Things First, What Is a Condo?

Before we dive into all the benefits of condo living, let’s first explore what a condo is. A condominium is a privately owned unit located within a building with other units.

Condos are similar to apartments in their style and size. The difference is that an apartment building is owned by one person or company, with all the units being rented out to tenants. In a condo complex, each unit is individually owned.

Condos offer common recreational areas that each owner is entitled to. This includes pools, gyms, social halls, and more. Instead of having a house with a backyard, your condo complex may have a community park or pool house.

Most condos are overseen by a condo association. This group manages the condo, keeps everything in order, and enforces rules.

Why Condo Living Is the Way to Go

Did you know over five million Americans live in condos? That’s because living in a condo comes with a giant list of benefits. We’ve outlined ten of the top benefits of condo living below.

1. Condos Are Affordable

Many people who want to purchase property opt for condos. Why? Condos tend to be more affordable than houses.

Condos are more compact and have less land compared to houses. They tend to have lower property taxes and less overall maintenance, making a condo a very affordable purchase. Depending on the condo’s location, condo asking prices tend to be dramatically lower than single-family homes.

2. Condos Require Little Maintenance

One of the top complaints homeowners have is home upkeep. From mowing the lawn to making maintenance repairs, there’s always something to be done when you own a house.

When you live in a condo complex, major repairs will always be taken care of for you. Each condo owner is responsible for maintaining his or her individual unit. The condo association takes care of mowing lawns, cleaning the pool, and shoveling snow.

Low maintenance draws in first-time homebuyers who like the idea of having help taking care of their home. People who travel choose condos knowing they won’t return home to an overgrown lawn. And for older citizens, condo living means living in a well-kept area as they age.

3. Condo Living Means Enjoying Great Amenities

Another draw to living in a condo is the wonderful amenities the complex offers. Condos create a mini-community for residents by including features that make life more enjoyable.

There are over 150 different types of amenities a condo can include, such as:

  • Sports courts (badminton, bocce, basketball, etc.)
  • Bowling alleys
  • Pools, hot tubs, and saunas
  • An aerobics center or weight room
  • A clubhouse or conference rooms
  • A playground
  • Ski and snowboard storage areas
  • Firepits or outdoor grilling areas

The types of amenities a condo complex offers draws in different types of people. Family-style condo complexes will offer kid-friendly amenities, while complexes designed for senior citizens may offer aerobics classes and walking paths.

When you check out your future condo, ask for a list of all included amenities. Your amenities are paid for through your condo fees, and as a member, you should have full access to every amenity offered in your complex.

4. Condo Life Is a Social Life

Living in a condo can help you meet new people and stay social. Condos are compact units, so they are less secluded than single-family homes. Being closer means getting to see and chat with your neighbors more.

Since the amenities and common areas in a condo complex are for everyone to enjoy, newbies in the complex can meet people by hanging out in the communal spaces. Whether you’re going for a swim or heading to the condo clubhouse, it’s nice to see familiar faces and spend time with other condo members.

Finally, many condo associations will organize group events like pool parties, barbecues, and cocktail parties. These events get everyone out of the homes and provide a sense of community within the complex.

5. Condos Offer Top-Notch Security

Living in a home by yourself in the dense Washington woods can be a little unnerving. Or if you frequently travel, leaving your home alone could make it easy for a burglar to sneak in while you’re away.

Condos are ideal for single or aging residents who want an extra layer of security.  Many condo complexes have secure entrances, security cameras, and staff on duty to ensure all units are safe. Therefore, living in a condo can reduce the risk of a home break-in.

For older citizens, living close to your neighbors adds a sense of security. In the case of an emergency, there should always be plenty of people to turn to for help.

6. Condos Are Near the Action

There aren’t many homes up for sale in downtown Spokane, but there are plenty of condos. When you invest in a condo, you can live in the heart of a dazzling and vibrant city.

Since condos are compact, many are located in major cities across the country. Living in the city means you can walk or bike everywhere instead of spending hours sitting in traffic. Think about all the time, money, and fuel you’ll save.

Downtown Spokane is an exciting place to own a property. Spend an afternoon window shopping one of the many specialty boutiques in the city. When you’re finished, head over to a local craft brewery or enjoy a bite at one of Spokane’s award-winning restaurants.

City life is full of adventures. Thanks to condo living, you can own a piece of property and still live within walking distance of work, pubs, and specialty shops.

7. Condos Can Be Customized

When renting an apartment, you’re limited to what you can and cannot do. While you may have some ideas to spruce up the place, your landlord won’t be too happy to find out you’ve repainted or tinkered with their property.

When you buy a condo, you’re the owner of the unit. You can repaint, remodel, and restructure the unit to best fit you and your family’s needs. All you will need is to run by your plans by the condo association before you go ahead on your projects.

8. Condos Are a Single-Floor Galore

Stairs aren’t for everyone. Most condos are single floor units without steps. This is a significant draw for older generations who can’t handle climbing flights of stairs every day.

Just because you have one floor, doesn’t mean you’re downgrading. For young people starting out, a cozy single floor condo is the perfect amount of space to keep clean and under control.

Moving to a compact condo unit is a great way to cut down on your clutter. Large homes with plenty of space mean more room for miscellaneous items that have no use in our lives. Make moving into a single-floor condo a chance for you to clean out your clutter and get organized.

9. Move-In Condos Make for an Easy Transition

There are plenty of furnished condos available for purchase. These condos make moving easy. Whether you’re making the move to buy your own home for the first time or downsizing from something larger, starting fresh with brand new furniture is the icing on top of a condo-sundae.

Of course, furnished condos have a bit higher prices than empty ones. But, if you have a looser budget and can afford it, go for the move-in ready unit. Not only will you save yourself from furniture shopping, but your move-in process will be smooth sailing.

10. Condo Complexes Are Always up to Code

Before you buy a house, you must get it inspected (which adds to the cost) to ensure the space is livable. For condos, you don’t need to worry about the complex is a safe place to settle down.

One of the most important duties of the condo association is to keep the building updated on all of its codes. This includes wheelchair accessibility, fire codes, plumbing regulations, and more.

So not only will your condo be move-in ready without needing a thorough inspection, but condo owners have a team devoted to keeping the building safe while you live there.

Are You Ready to Find Your Dream Condo?

Condo living is the way to go. From awesome amenities to low maintenance, there are numerous benefits of buying a condo. Are you ready to call yourself a condo owner?

Whether you’re looking at buying a condo in bustling Spokane or out in the Washington countryside, our team is here to find your next dream home. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find the right condo for your lifestyle.