In 2018, the homeownership rate in the US was 64.8%. This number hasn’t fluctuated too much since the 1990s, with a decent population of Americans preferring to rent instead.

For some, it’s not a preference; they can’t afford to buy a home. But what if you have some disposable income? Then it’s time fo you go for that dream house you’ve always wanted.

Here are some compelling reasons you should buy your next home in Cheney, WA.

It’s Close to Spokane

Spokane is a metropolitan which means it definitely has that big city feel. While some people enjoy that, maybe you’re not one of them. You’d rather live in a smaller, quieter town that’s nearby, so you can still reap the benefits of the metropolitan area.

If you purchase your home in Cheney, this is possible. Cheney is a small college town where you can enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

While Cheney is located away from Spokane, it’s not so far that you can’t make regular trips out. Spokane is just a simple 20 to 25-minute drive away, so if you find yourself wanting to access something in Spokane (such as a concert or club), you can do so without having to spend the night.

The great accessibility to Spokane means living in Cheney gives you the best of both worlds.

Enjoy Nature

Again, Cheney is located away from a major metropolitan city, which means you won’t have to stare at blocks and blocks of office buildings and sky rises.

Not only will you get a smaller town feel, but you’ll also be closer to nature. Just south of Cheney is the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, which spans 16,000 acres of wetlands. Here, you’ll find lots of hiking trails and spot various birds and animals.

You’re also near both the Columbia Plateau Trail and the Fish Lake Trail. No matter which direction you look in, Cheney is nearby many areas where you can walk, jog, or hike and get in touch with nature. You won’t have to go far at all.

It’s Cheaper

The state of Washington has a higher cost of living than the other states. But the biggest difference is in the median home cost; in Washington, this is a little above $385,000, which makes it the 5th most expensive state to buy property in.

This means if you want to live in the bigger cities (like Spokane), it may take a bit of a financial push, one that you may not be ready for just yet.

But what if it’s important for you to be in Washington, near Spokane, specifically? Then Cheney is a great place to buy your next house.

Not only are the properties cheaper there, but the cost of living is as well. Surprisingly, Spokane’s cost of living is actually 4.3% lower than the national average, which means you can live an affordable lifestyle in this city while reaping the benefits of one of the highest state minimum wages.

Great Chances for Tech Jobs

We all know Silicon Valley is the place to be for tech jobs. But did you know Washington state’s boasting of its own tech boom?

You’d expect that boom to be happening in Seattle, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, many people have been migrating from Silicon Valley to Seattle to get in on the tech scene there.

But now, we’re seeing another trend. People are now migrating from Seattle for job opportunities in Spokane.

Because office space in Spokane could be rented for less than half of what it’d cost in Seattle, this sparked a tech boom out in Eastern Washington state. As a result, people in nearby cities (such as Cheney) are enjoying their convenient location right next to a thriving industry.

If you or any of your family members work in the tech industry, or are considering doing so, purchasing a home in Cheney can be one of the best moves to make.

Eastern Washington University Is a Stone’s Throw Away

Are you thinking about going to college? Or do you have children who are nearly college age?

Then you’ll be pleased to know that Eastern Washington University is amazingly closeby to Cheney. In fact, it takes just 10 minutes to walk to campus!

This means no matter who in your family decides to apply for this university, you won’t have to worry about on-campus housing or transportation. Many of the significant costs that come with sending a child to college will be negated, as they’ll be able to stay home and commute.

Because you’d be an in-state resident, either you or your kids will get discounted tuition, which can further drive down the costs for attending college. So if university is in the cards for any of your family members, living in Cheney can be a huge benefit for saving, both in time and money.

Buy Your Next Home in Cheney, WA

If you have some money saved up, then as you can see, there are fantastic reasons why you should buy your next home in Cheney, WA.

But if you’re still working on saving up, that’s no problem as well. Here at RH Cooke & Associates, we have years of experience getting people like you their dream house in eastern Washington state. Whether you need to buy, sell, or rent, our professional agents will provide you with exactly what you need, and at the best prices.

Interested in seeing what we have available here in Cheney, WA? Then get in touch with us now. We’ll be more than happy to show you around.